6 Questions To Consider Before Booking Your Corporate Event Venue

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March 2, 2017

6 Questions To Consider Before Booking Your Corporate Event Venue

Rosehill Venue - owner

Rosehill Venue: Toronto’s Corporate Event Venue

When companies book Rosehill Venue, they are booking a venue in tune with prompt service and attention to detail from Owner, Tony Papanastos. Tony takes the time to walk you through every event detail, from the floral and décor to the sound, lighting and catering. His extensive experience in the event space allows him to seamlessly transition your company’s vision inside Rosehill’s elegant space.

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Corporate event planning involves step-by-step research to fully understand what services you want the venue to provide. Rosehill places an emphasis on customization, with the ability to host other events such as birthdays, anniversaries and religious ceremonies.

Below are 6 questions to consider before booking your corporate event venue in Toronto:

1. How Many Corporate Events Have They Hosted In The Past Year?

Get a gauge of how many corporate events the venue has hosted in the past year. Anywhere between 30 – 50+ corporate events shows that the venue has experience working with different types of clients and budgets.

2. What Was The Largest Corporate Event They Hosted?

By relating this question to the size of previous events that the venue has hosted, you can determine if the venue has the experience to host the size of your event.

3. How Do You Accommodate Last-Minute Changes?

This question will help you to understand the flexibility of the venue. Events are bound to have last-minute changes when it comes to guest count, set-up and the food. Meet with the owner so you can receive key insights into how they can accommodate last-minute changes.

4. What Type of Clients Have You Worked With? 

Maybe they have experience hosting make-up/beauty product launches, or maybe they have hosted events for companies in the tech industry. This question will help you feel more comfortable with booking a particular venue in your corporate space.

5. What Type Of Services Does Your Venue Provide?

Regardless of the type of event, this question should always be asked. Once you initially meet with the owner of the venue, they should be able to confidently sell you on their services that will create the overall venue experience. Corporate event venues in Toronto should have strong relationships with their caterers, sound/lighting crew, event planners and florists. Do not hesitate to ask why they prefer the services of their particular partners over other ones in Toronto.

6. What Makes Your Venue Standout? 

This is their opportunity to pitch you on what makes them unique and how the services they offer tie in with their vision. You want your event to standout, so the owner should easily be able to explain the venue’s unique selling point using past event experiences.

Need a dependable corporate event venue that can answer all of these questions and more? Discover Rosehill, Toronto’s hidden gem of special event venues! Call us at 416.464.9291 or explore our website at rosehillvenue.com and book your corporate event!

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