How The Venue You Choose Impacts The Success Of Your Event

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July 7, 2016
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December 19, 2016

How The Venue You Choose Impacts The Success Of Your Event

Most event/wedding planners will agree that the venue is the most important aspect when it comes to the atmosphere of your event. Rosehill’s ability to transform itself into any event function makes our venue “Toronto’s Hidden Gem.” On today’s blog, we wanted to explore how the venue you choose impacts the success of your event. What are the factors that need to be considered when you book your wedding reception, religious celebration, or corporate party? We break down the important details to keep in mind:


The space at any Toronto event venue must be able to reflect the changes throughout the wedding ceremony. For example, the wedding reception will be presented differently than cocktail hour. A wedding venue must be able to offer a wide space that offers flexibility when you factor in the catering, the entertainment and the décor. This will allow the bride, the groom and the guests to enjoy the entire reception without feeling bunched up. There should also be space to accommodate the “active lifestyle” of the children who will most likely be walking and running around throughout the space.

Tip: Determine the guest count in advance so you have more time to find your ideal venue.

Wedding at Rosehill Venue

Rosehill offers stunning lighting and decor for weddings and engagement parties


Religious celebrations often bring specific customs and rituals that must be accounted for. Bar/Bat Mitzvahs will have a boy or a girl in the middle of the floor, being lifted by their family on a chair. If the space restricts the majority of the family to celebrate this custom, many guests will become irritated. Baptisms must be able to extend the room accordingly to feature religious symbols and the seating of the families.

Tip: Create a detailed list of what you will need for your religious celebration and how the space can be integrated into the event.

Baptism at Rosehill

Rosehill’s flexible space accommodates various types of religious ceremonies from Bar/Bat Mitzvahs to Baptisms


For large guest counts of 100 – 500+, the space must be able to comfortably accommodate all of the guests so their not too clustered together. Cocktail parties in particular must make good use of the space, so guests won’t bump into each other when they are picking up the passed hors d’oeuvres. For guest counts of 50-100, the space should comfortably fit everyone without looking too full or too empty.

Tip: The wait-staff along with the food that will be passed around will leave less space for your guests. Don’t forget to account for everything that will take up space at the venue.

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Corporate function at Rosehill Event Function

Corporate function at Rosehill Event Venue


  1. Scope out different venues. Toronto offers plenty of event venues that can suit your wedding, religious celebration or corporate event.
  2. Take stock of the different stations you will need. For example, you may require a carving station and a lounge area for your wedding.
  3. Ask the professional opinion of the owner of the venue or the wedding/event planner on how the space will suit the vision of your event.
  4. Review a floor plan to visually map out the decor, entertainment, catering and floral arrangements well in advance.
  5. Always stay in touch with the owner of the venue and the other vendors up until the day of your event.

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